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SGS Biology

Author: Tom Stuart

The Beauty of TRIMs

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Me gusta TRIMs – the extent of my Spanish knowledge.

TRIMs are extremely awesome and extremely important. Without them in fact, our body would be helpless against all sorts of bacterial infections and viruses.

For those of you who don’t know, TRIM stands for Tri-partite motif-containing proteins… which is basically a posh name for an antibody that has the purpose of binding onto specific immunoglobins. E.g. TRIM21 binds onto Immunoglobin G and M…

So anyway, what do TRIMs really do and what is their role in our constant war against pathogens?

Well, to put it simply… TRIMs are involved in pathogen-recognition and are created by the body to patrol the body’s pathways.


TRIMs are awesome and very amesomerespecterest… I LOVE TRIMs!

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