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The ad men are after your brain!

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There is a new and growing field merging neuroscience and marketing together that is creatively called: ‘neuromarketing’.  It is here that big companies can grade people’s emotional responses to what they are viewing and see how closely match to what they want.  See here for more:  

This simple use of MRI scanning seems to be able to resolve issues regaring which adverts to keep and which to not show.  There are now even blogs dedicated to this:

But should we not be using this technology to attempt to hear the imagined emotions of a patient unable to talk as a result of a stroke or paralysis?  Or is there too much money in marketing using this to further its impact in society for other reasons?

What would it be like if you never forgot anything?

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There is a new tv show just out called ‘Unforgettable’ about a detective who never forgets anything.  Although this sounds like science fiction, in fact it is a known medical condition diagnosed in 2006, as ‘Hyperthymesia’.







Marilu Henner is a well known actress who also has this condition.  She is interviewed below:

This has a very interesting video attached to it.  Although this sounds amazing would it not also be exhausting?  How much memory would you like?

Will man become immortal by 2045?

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This is what Robert Kurzweil believes in this article relating the nature of how computers are getting so much faster that they must one day come a moment when they are capable of something comparable to human intelligence.,9171,2048299-1,00.html

This may not sound new, but his argument is quite compelling as we enter a time when technology is visibly developing at an exponential rate before our eyes.  Are we really on the verge of seeing this in our lifetime, and are we prepared for the ‘Singularity’?

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