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DNA computers

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It seems like something out of science fiction and indeed it is the premise of the film Jonny Mnemonic, where a vital piece of information is encoded into dear Jonny’s brain.  But can this work in reality?  Can we use genetic material to house digital information in the same way that current computers do?  Some think so:

Bionic limbs

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For some the merger of human and machine is in the relms of science fiction and often conjures up images of cyborgs or brain-washed soldiers.  However, for others using artificial limbs is a reality.  The bbc has a new section devoted to this ( with some excellent footage of not only what the future holds, but what is happening now.  See a day in the life of a teenager at school with bionic limbs:

If you had a serious accident to one of your limbs, would you elect to have it amputated in order to have a bionic replacement?

Will man become immortal by 2045?

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This is what Robert Kurzweil believes in this article relating the nature of how computers are getting so much faster that they must one day come a moment when they are capable of something comparable to human intelligence.,9171,2048299-1,00.html

This may not sound new, but his argument is quite compelling as we enter a time when technology is visibly developing at an exponential rate before our eyes.  Are we really on the verge of seeing this in our lifetime, and are we prepared for the ‘Singularity’?

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