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Edible microchips that deliver medication

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Edible Microchips

Taking daily medications of varying dosages and types can be confusing and difficult to manage for many chronically ill patients.  Now there is a new technology in the form of a “smart pill” that will enable them to monitor what they are taking.  Bluetooth signals are sent from the microchip that has been ingested to a patients mobile to tell them what they taken and how much to combat the problem so many people have of not taking the correct prescribed drugs.

Others are more sceptical of this, seeing it as big brother yet again spying on the general public:

What’s your view?

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Mr Davis is the Head of Biology at Sutton Grammar.

One Response to Edible microchips that deliver medication

  1. Phillip Gardner says:

    Surely this makes for incredibly expensive excrement?

    However, It could be used for very controversial use for monitoring people intakes of foods and recreational drugs (including alcohol).

    Could also see them being used to combat obesity, or in a dictatorship to create a perfect race, as every intake can be controlled.

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