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Into Oblivion!

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This new science fiction film currently in cinemas is another visual masterpiece.  There are some stunning scenes of a space ship flying over an old and decrepit earth which contrast so sharply to the pristine and polished tablet technology used by the characters.



However, more is afoot than the mere clearing up of earth……we get a front row seat to witness what it would be like to have a fist fight with your own clone!  Amongst this one also gets to observe what it would be like to come to the realisation that you are a clone of many thousands of ‘you’ and that you were definitely not the original. 

The film provides a decent portrayal and forces you to reflect on what you would do if you were faced with your own ‘self’.  I’m not sure I’d cope as well as the character did here!

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Mr Davis is the Head of Biology at Sutton Grammar.

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