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SGS Biology

Closer to an understanding of the Human Genome

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The BBC has been hot on the case looking at what has happened recently in our advances in our understanding of our human genome:

This is all part of the Encode project and this is now starting to provide more evidence for how our genes interact and how specialisation of cells occurs.  I sense that there is still a long way to go…..see below for more details:

Is lactic acid really the source of pain for olympians?

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We’ve always believed that muscle fatigue in sport is related to this athletic foe named lactic acid.  Even cramp, of which we are still not certain of the biological basis for, has been attributed by some to lactic acid.  However, a new study suggests that at the top end of athletic performance, this molecule is no longer foe, but friend….

Gender testing in the Olympics

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In all Olympics there is controversy surrounding failed drug testing after athletes blood is checked.  However, one thing you may not have thought about whilst watching the Olympics this summer is blood testing to check for gender also.  What you might think is a very easy question, but verifying an athletes gender is not always so straight forward, as time magazine illustrates:

This is a very tricky area of the games and one that we need to tread lightly in in the future, as suggested below:

Good luck IOC!

Thoughtful quote

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A comment on life by the eminently enjoyable Professor Petr Skrabanek:

“Life itself is a universally fatal sexually transmitted disease.”

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