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The future use of our genomes….is this exciting or scary?

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The future use of our genomes....

Professor George Church outlines his professional view on the future uses of our knowledge of the human genome.

He states that “there are 2,200 genes (out of 20,000) that are predictable and actionable, that is, doctors have a sense of what will happen to you if you are missing any of these genes.”  This has a significant impact on the future of health provision and potentially to life spans.  But how much information would you want to know about yourself, as many of the genes provide probabilities of diseases, or risks of illnesses, rather than concrete evidence.  How much will this affect out own personal reponsibility to live a healthy lifestyle to provide for a healthy future, rather than having  a deterministic view based on your genes?

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Mr Davis is the Head of Biology at Sutton Grammar.

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